Copycat Pasta Fagioli Soup in the Crockpot

Hello Lovelies! It’s Monday and I hope we are all in the mindset to have an amazing week. We’ve hit a few road bumps over here, but that’s not going to bring us down. Aly home due to icy roads, just means cooking projects to redirect her. Those actually started yesterday, and I felt the … Continue reading Copycat Pasta Fagioli Soup in the Crockpot

“Minnie’s” Healthy Minestrone Soup

My daughter Hannah has these little Disney board books that she loves. There is one with carnival activities, which has her begging to go on a ferris wheel. (COVID cancelled that idea.) There is also a spring one that makes her want to practice looking for Easter eggs all year long.  Her current favorite is about Good … Continue reading “Minnie’s” Healthy Minestrone Soup