A Final Farewell

My mother in law passed away just after midnight on Sunday morning. Her death was expected, but occurred more quickly than the doctors had predicted. She was admitted to the hospital Friday due to another UTI and severe dehydration. She was septic and her kidneys had shut down. The doctors recommended a slow rehydration process … Continue reading A Final Farewell


Labor Day Weekend at Whiskey Creek

Today is the first day of the 3rd week of school for Hannah. That didn't stop us from officially closing out the summer over Labor Day weekend. There was dancing. And lots of laughing. These three cousins were pretty much inseparable for three days. Ava loves camping too. Grandma even drove the four wheeler a … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend at Whiskey Creek

Daisies & Daughters, Parks & Flowers: Sister Pics

Hi Everybody! I missed sharing with you yesterday, but I was finishing up a project that I have been planning, prepping and working on for a couple weeks now. I can't wait to tell you all about it.  Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I read The Bookish Boyfriends series? It was either … Continue reading Daisies & Daughters, Parks & Flowers: Sister Pics