A Final Farewell

My mother in law passed away just after midnight on Sunday morning. Her death was expected, but occurred more quickly than the doctors had predicted. She was admitted to the hospital Friday due to another UTI and severe dehydration. She was septic and her kidneys had shut down. The doctors recommended a slow rehydration process … Continue reading A Final Farewell

Tony the Reindeer Trims the Tree

This year Hannah is taking the “new experience every day “ recommendation very seriously. They started the afternoon Wearing Sunglasses at Night. Those didn’t last long though. Hannah said she needed to see better in order to decorate her tree. All of her ornaments are plastic, and the tree is prelit. We gave it to … Continue reading Tony the Reindeer Trims the Tree

Halloween Carnival

Do you remember elementary school carnivals in the’80s? Each classroom used to be converted into a different game. You could win anything from a goldfish to a cake, and everything in between. That’s the memory that flooded my brain when I took my daughter to the campground’s Halloween carnival. Hannah started with crafts. With Daddy’s … Continue reading Halloween Carnival