Facial Cellulitis

Hello Lovelies! Oh how I have missed you. Since we last talked, I have been sick. Not just a cold or even the flu, I’m talking stay in the hospital sick. A spider but my face one night, while I was sleeping. It caused my right tear duct to back up and introduced bacteria to face. This lead to cellulitis that is massively painful.

At its worst, it spread across both sides of my face, into my eyelids and down my neck. I was on major IV antibiotics that collapsed my veins. I was terrified. The doctors were talking ICU and infectious disease teams. Thankfully, the vancomycin did its job and started to kill the infection.

Now that I’m home, I’m taking 17 pills a day. I’m also taking 4 probiotics to avoid getting C-Diff. Most of the swelling is gone. I still have a small knot of infection in my though, and I’m tired.

This month will be about self care and getting back to normal. Please bear with my sporadic posting schedule.




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