My Love Language

Hello Lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. I spent almost the entire day with my hubby. We took Hannah to school. We ran errands. We went out to lunch. We put together gift bags for the kids. We ate sushi on the couch and watched TV.

The only things I did by myself were host a Girl Scout meeting and take a Quiz to determine my love language.

The results really weren’t surprising. They say my primary love language is quality time. Based on how I spent my perfect Valentine Day, this seems fitting. I love doing things with my husband. We adventure together. We watch Tv together. We are building a life together and making sure it is perfect for both of us.

My other dominant live language is physical touch. For me this is way more than sex, although I’m a mother of 5 so I won’t deny that I enjoy that too. But for me it’s the little gestures. It’s the back rubs I give my husband before bed. It’s putting my feet in his lap while we watch TV. It’s holding hands when we walk or drive. All those little moments of togetherness are what I find meaningful.

According to the quiz, there are 3 other love languages.

  • Words of affirmation: I enjoy hearing I love you but words can be meaningless when your actions don’t back them up.
  • Acts of service: I am not the hunnie do list wife. Rob and I get things done as a team, but I don’t mind doing most chores by myself if necessary.
  • Receiving gifts: I am more of a “let’s go on an adventure” than a jewelry, flowers or gift type person. I’d rather make a memory.

So what’s your love language. I’d love to hear your quiz results and if they are as accurate as mine.

Spread some love.



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