Family Adventure Challenge

Last month when my mother in law passed, I was super sad, but also thankful. I was happy she was at peace and that we had created so many memories in the five years that she lived with us. In her final wishes, she didn’t want a funeral or celebration of life. So I created a scrapbook of photos for my daughter as a memorial.

Then I got sentimental. Why do we wait until something or someone has passed to honor the memories we create? Why not make a memory box or book now? So I looked up ideas on Pinterest and came across The Adventure Challenge : Family Edition .

The premise is pretty straight forward. You choose a category and then scratch off an adventure. You have complete the challenge no matter what. When you’re done, you add a picture and write something about your experience.

For our first challenge, we stayed in our comfort zone with the category You Are What You Eat. The clue under the box was Gourmet-cicles. The scratch off challenged us to pick a fruit and a liquid and make our own popsicle recipes.

Hannah chose bananas as our fruit, so we made that our theme. She sliced bananas and put them in popsicle molds with Faygo Red Pop to make strawberry banana popsicles. I made banana pudding and tried to freeze it into pudding pops.

After letting the popsicles set overnight, it was taste test time. They were both good, but neither was perfect. The Red Pop flavor was lost in the freezing process, and the pudding didn’t set right and was super messy.

But the experiment was a success. We shared some laughs. We made a mess. We captured a memory.

I can’t wait to share more adventures with you.



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