Book Review: Lady at Last by Annabelle Anders

So I’m stuck in bed. I twisted my knee and can’t bear any weight on it. To pass time, I’m doing some reading, but I can’t convince myself to continue The Riveting Haunted House Mystery series. Instead I’m completely switching gears and reading a romance novel.

Amazon Description :

She can’t make a baby without a husband! Or can she?

After witnessing the miracle of birth, self-determined spinster Miss Penelope Crone is having second thoughts about swearing off marriage. She wants – no, she needs – to experience the blessed event herself. Dear God, she’s practically thirty! Time is running out!

Hugh Chesterton, Viscount Danbury, is relatively intelligent, good looking, unmarried, and most importantly, close at hand. With a little décolletage, a sway of the hips, and a few drinks of brandy, Penelope is certain she can extract a respectable offer.

If only she’d accounted for the power of passion.

Because unchecked lust takes over, leaving Penelope in a most precarious predicament. And Lord Danbury –– the goose-brained jackanapes –– is proving far less attainable than she’d imagined.

Is Penelope to be cast out of society or will Lord Danbury take a leap of faith and save her from ruin? He’d better act fast if he’s going to make her his lady. HIs Lady At Last…

My Review:

This entire book has a weird premise that is off-putting in the realm of romance. I am all for the idea of two friends falling in love when it happens naturally. A woman witnessing the miracle of childbirth and then deciding to seduce the first eligible bachelor she comes across is not the example any heroine should be setting.

That issue aside, the book is well written and the characters are likable. I found myself crying with the couple at the end of the book.

Not my favorite in the series, but definitely worth a read.

Rating: 3/5


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