Book Review: The Haunting of the Brandt Manor by Mason Dean

So I had previously downloaded 10 books in the Riveting Haunted House Mystery series. My logical brain knows I can easily delete them, but my OCD brain cannot leave something unfinished. So here I am lying in bed, trying to finish the series as quickly as possible. Book 26 was The Haunting of the Brandt Manor by Mason Dean.

Amazon Description :

The complicated history of the Brandt Mansion has been long forgotten.

Few in the small, remote town of Tibbetts, Connecticut even remember the estate and the insidious events that took place years earlier. Struggling with writer’s block and a tight deadline for his new novel, David Pragmore suggests a retreat away from Hartford to his wife, Susan, in order to find fresh inspiration. The publishers want David’s new book to shine in the horror genre, so when David reads about the odd manor with a haunted past, it seems like the perfect place to recapture his muse. But David and Susan quickly discover that some stories aren’t meant to be told.

My Review:

Oh my goodness! How slow can one book flow? First David experiences cupboards and drawers opening in the kitchen. He chalks it up to kids. A little while later the word Murder get typed into his screen when he’s not around. Then there is a whole lot of nothing.

His wife, Susan, is more apt to believe that their experiences are due to something paranormal. This is backed up by a flashback to her college years which frankly would have been a scarier story. When things get too real for her, she heads home to prepare for her job, but never checks in with her husband after. It’s such a weird dynamic.

Once Susan is gone, David has another experience and now he believes in ghosts. Ugh! I don’t buy the idea that a horror writer doesn’t believe in the paranormal. I don’t buy that vengeful ghosts don’t want to be cleared. It’s all just implausible.

Rating: 2/5

I need a new series. Give me your recommendations.



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