Hog Creek Mall

Happy New Year! I feel like I am starting the New Year off right with a new blog post. Even better, it’s an adventure post!

It’s rather wet outside, so we decided to take an adventure to somewhere indoors. The Hog Creek Antique Mall in Allen, Michigan was the perfect escape. Hannah was on the hunt for a new sugar bowl for tea parties and I wanted a cookie jar.

We found all those things, along with some super unique items that caught my attention. Here are some of the most humorous.

1. Weird Pig Planter: Farmer pig has major ghetto booty and his belly is plastered to the wheelbarrow. With his eyes rolled up to the sky, he may be getting too friendly with it as well.

2. Kewpie Doll Shelf: My grandmother collected dolls, and even as a little girl I found these oddly creepy. Why are they all naked?

3. Owl Lamp: I thought this looked like an owl version of a gargoyle with the bright eyes that look through you. Not in my house.

4. Jack in the Box Cookie Jar: Not the one I bought. This clown looks too much like a Kewpie doll.

5. Cow Creamer Jug: Pretty sure this is what mad cow disease looks like. I don’t want to pour that into my coffee or tea.

6. Bottle Cap Robot: I know the sign says girl, but I’ve never seen one that looks like this. I’m almost certain it’s a robot that will come to life and take over the home of whomever buys it.

7. Doll on a Bed: So my question is – Is this doll about to give birth or is she passed out on a therapy bed after being slipped a roofie?

8. Clown Cookie Jar: Also not what I bought. This is ITs fat cousin who has already eaten the neighborhood children and their cookies.

9. Bad Easter Bunny: I swear I would not let my daughter sit on this dude’s lap. He is not hiding eggs in my yard or bringing a basket in the house either.

10. Warning Sign: Just made me laugh.

11. Frankenstein’s Voodoo Bride: I’m pretty sure this is what nightmares are made of.

Sorry if I offended you by picking on your home decorating aesthetic. On the bright side you now know where to find new things.

I hope your new year is filled with laughter and adventure.



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