Calico Critters Christmas

We have started to decorate for Christmas. I am worried about things getting broken this year, because we have a 6 month old cat who’s a wild card. I wasn’t going to put up the village at all, but Hannah wants everything Christmas to come out.

So I emptied out the Cookbook Shelf and used it for my village. I like the tiered look, but I think something is missing. Maybe I’ll outline it with some lights and see how it looks. What do you think?

Of course having a village with characters that a six year old can’t play with is torture. Thank goodness Tony the Reindeer understands that. He brought Hannah some fun characters to play with today.

This Calico Critters set features a Santa Lion, an elf cub and a sleigh full of presents. It’s a great way for Hannah to have some hands on Christmas without me worrying about broken pieces.

She borrowed a couple trees and a bench, but not a bad start to a fun kids Christmas village. Of course now she thinks she needs more critters to celebrate with.

Happy Christmas Shopping!


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