The Haunting of the Falcon Creek Lodge by Roger Hayden

Does fibromyalgia pain get worse when the weather starts to get cold? Or is my pain worsening due to stress? So many questions. So much pain. So little energy to do anything productive. I feel like I’m going to be begging for steroids when I see the doctor in 2 days. In the mean time, I’m doing the only thing I have energy to do, reading. Most recently, I’ve finished the next Riveting Haunted House Mystery, The Haunting of the Falcon Creek Lodge.

Amazon Description:

In a small bay town exits a forgotten hotel in the mountains, where no one dares to enter.

The Falcon Creek Lodge was established in 1950 as a high-end resort for travelers and distinguished guests, taken in by its seclusion and scenic beauty. After an unspeakable tragedy, its doors close. Decades later, a tabloid TV host investigates the vacant lodge with his production crew in search of supernatural evidence. Their show ends in disaster. In the years that follow, family man Greg Barrett purchases the property with dreams of running his own business. But his presence awakens a dormant curse and unleashes a terror from beyond.

My Review:

Have you ever watched The Most Haunted Places on Travel Channel around Halloween? This book reminds me of that show. It tells you the legend of Falcon Creek Lodge. Then it tells you about events that supposedly back up the legend.

Unfortunately, this flow makes it difficult to build compelling characters. There is no one whom I care whether lives or dies. I honestly just wanted to finish the book so I could move onto the next.

Rating: 2/5

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