The Return of Tony: Our Reindeer in Here

Happiest Holidays, Lovelies! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We spent the day at my mom’s and then went to see Christmas lights. Then when we got home, Hannah’s reindeer Tony had arrived.

We don’t do an elf on the shelf, because that lift guy creeps me out and is a lot of work for me. Tony is a Reindeer in Here, and works better for our family. Like an elf, he communicates with Santa, but Hannah can touch him, love him and bond with him before Christmas.

For his first big adventure, Tony helped decorate the Girl Scout Christmas float. It had a tree, presents, candy canes and of course, lights.

The girls were able to ride on the float in the Brooklyn Christmas parade. We rode around the downtown area, waving and wishing people a merry Christmas. Then we watched the tree lighting.

We had a great turnout. 9/12 of our Daisies participated. I’m so proud of this group of girls. And Hannah loved introducing Tony to everyone.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.


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