Not Quite a Poem

Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered

If the light you are seeing comes from an existing star

Or one that has since died but still had light to share

And if the light of a dead star can shine millions of light years away

Isn’t it possible that a new star has formed

One who’s brightness we can’t yet see

And what if that new star is actually an Angel

One who was taken far too soon

And our grief blocks us from seeing the light

And it’s only in the stillness of dreams that we can feel the love and the peace

Laws of energy state that it can be neither created nor destroyed

Therefore the energy of those we love must go somewhere when their physical bodies are gone

So why not be a star, twinkling and beautiful

With their love and their light just out of reach

One day to find us and bring us peace again


3 thoughts on “Not Quite a Poem

  1. This is so beautiful Kristie!! ⭐ It’s nice to think of loved ones becoming something that everyone sees and looks up to. Shooting stars must be those who are only just arriving up there ✨

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