Energy Boost Workout

Well it’s been a little while since I have felt up to doing a monthly workout challenge. Between the migraines, lupus fatigue and then 2 wrist surgeries, I feel like my body is fighting me every time I try to move. It’s actually causing a bit of depression. I hate meds, so I am trying to find natural ways to push through. Exercise creates endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. We will see how this works.

For at least the rest of this month I am going to attempt to do Zuzka Light’s Energy Boost Workout. I figured a 10 minute workout should be easy enough to add into my day, and get my body used to moving again. I enjoyed this simple 2 move workout, but I do need to make some modifications.

The regular bridge I can do pretty easily. I do feel where it stretches my lower back and the backs of my thighs. I need to work on keeping my abdominal muscles taunt so that it works my lower abs as well, but all in all I like this move.

The high bridge push-ups are a different story. I am not strong enough to push myself into that position at this time. My wrists actually threatened to collapse when I tried. I get that there is some element of pain in getting into shape, but I am only 3 months post surgery and am not willing to permanently injure myself. Instead, I am flipping over during this move and raising myself up onto my hands and knees to do some modified push-ups. These are still a little tender on my wrists, so I am not sure I will get all 15 reps in everyday, but a little more than before is better than none at all.

My favorite quote from this video was “A flexible spine means a flexible mind.” Goals I tell you.

Sending you all positive energy to get you through the week.


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