True Detective: Haunted Houses

What else do I do when it’s cold outside? Binge watch TV shows of course. Rob and I sneaked in an extra episode of True Detective this week after Hannah went to bed. Not going to lie, I am hoping to finish this season soon and identify the real killer.

IMDb Description:

Cohle’s activities in 2002, when his partnership with Hart disintegrated and he quit the force, are recalled by Maggie.

My Review:

The title of the episode, Haunted Houses, is not a reference to literal ghosts. It signifies memories from the past that drive Detectives Hart and Cohle.

Detective Hart is haunted by the memories of his marriage and family falling apart. His daughter Aubrey acted out every chance she got, drugs, sex, you name it. He feels like things are spiraling out of his control, so he finds a new “friend”. When Maggie finds out about it, she decides to get even and cheat as well. Unfortunately her chosen hook up is Cohle, and she relishes telling Marty all about it.

Cohle knows he’s been used by Maggie, but he can’t focus on that. He is too busy following the missing children and the Tuttles, an important family in the area. He visits the poor girl he and Hart saved in a mental institution and learns that she was saved from a child sex ring. He traces more missing kids to the Tuttle alternative schools. His quest alienates him from his boss and coworkers. When he and Marty get into a fist fight in the parking lot after Maggie, he throws in the towel and leaves the state.

This is such a great episode. It answered so many of the questions that had been swirling through my mind since the beginning of the series. Where they go from here, should be even more enlightening.

Rating: 9/10

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