And They Lived Happily Ever After

What makes you decide to read a book? Is the a catchy title, or a pretty cover? Do you get recommendations from friends or read book reviews. I do all of the above, but my latest book choice was based on a single review.

Can you guess what line jumped at me? “…you can be anxious or conflicted and still be loved for exactly who you are.” That is a powerful message that everyone should hear.

And here is the actual Amazon Description:

One unexpected kiss . . .
Successful romance author Gaia Anders has a secret: anything she dreams at night is magically written into her bestselling novels. After a lonely childhood in foster care, her dream life is the only one she trusts. Gaia’s waking life just can’t compare—until she gets caught in one utterly surprising, crazy-passionate, real-life kiss . . .

One near-perfect guy . . .
Workaholic businessman Jacob Scott has had a crush on his brother’s best friend, Gaia, since foreverbut he never expected to literally share her dreams. Living out their magical nighttime fantasies is explosive, but it’s their waking desire turning his single-minded ways upside down. It’s making him want a future he didn’t think was possible . . .

One dream that could come true . . .
But Gaia has secrets from her past she won’t reveal. And Jacob’s attempts to keep the peace in his own fractured family puts him up against her deepest fears. Soon, they’re facing hard truths about who they are and what they’re running from. And the only way to break this curse is realizing true love’s real-life power . . .

My Review:

I read this book cover to cover in 24 hours, and it isn’t just because I’m sick. Gaia exudes strength and vulnerability at the same time. Jacob has a need to save the people around him, but doesn’t realize he needs to save himself first. Together they are functionally dysfunctional and very real. While there is a magical element to the novel, it is not the main focus, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the raw emotions in the last few chapters that touched my empathetic soul and made me cry.

The plot twist was pretty foreseeable, and sets this book up for a sequel, which of course I will have to read. I have questions about the necklace Gaia never wears, and am curious to know if it somehow helps the magic, like does magic manifest in her dreams instead of reality, because it hangs on her bed?

Rating: 4/5

Favorite Quote: “Maybe don’t apologize for who you are then. Unless, you know, you’re confessing to criminal activities, in which case, an apology might help.

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