True Detective: The Locked Room

Hey y’all! Are you impressed that I am reviewing another episode of True Detective without their being a huge gap in the middle? I am. I was able to convince my husband to squeeze in an episode over lunch today.

IMDB describes the the episode as follows:

Cohle and Hart continue their investigation. They track down the minister who used the church but learn they had abandoned it some four months before it succumbed to fire. The local authorities blamed the fire on teenagers but it’s still an open case. Cohle combs through old files searching for any connections to their current case. He may have found a 2-year-old case that appears similar, and sets out to find the dead girl’s boyfriend, Reggie Ledoux, who has a record and knew Charlie Lange in prison. Maggie Hart sets Cohle up on a date and the four of them go to a bar where Martin sees his mistress Lisa out on a date with someone. In the present day, Cohle explains his interrogation technique, which even Hart admits is different but effective. Hart’s recollection of his family life is somewhat skewed.

Being called, The Locked Room, I expected that to have a literal translation in the show; a place where they find evidence and solve the crime. But Detective Cohle uses those exact words to describe the human brain while being interrogated himself. This got me thinking about the locked rooms of some of the characters in the episode.

Cohle: His obsession with the meaning of life, combined with his belief that people find peace in the last moments before death, makes me wonder if the detectives are on the right path in questioning him. Does his locked room contain the personality of a murderer?

Hart: Dude is warped! He wants his family, and lies to his wife to keep her from leaving, but he gets pissed when he sees his girlfriend on a date. How on earth does he keep all his lies straight, and justify it to himself?

Burt: He is a guy Hart and Cohle meet at the church. He is the only one with a criminal record. I can’t understand the locked room of a guy who gets busted for masterbating in front of a school, and honestly, I don’t want to. He’s ruled out do to an attack in prison that makes him unable to complete the crime.

Audrey Hart: This kid is a serial killer in the making. Last episode she was making rape scenes with her dolls. This episode she is drawing graphic sex scenes. There is something going on in this little girls head that her parents are not paying attention to. I worry that she has been abused and is crying out for help. A call no one is hearing.

I love that this series never has a clear answer to the crime. I love that it makes me think and keeps me on my toes. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 9/10

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