How Do You Like Your Bacon?

I did not feel like cooking tonight. I didn’t sleep well because my incision is causing me pain. Hannah had a bunch of homework after being home sick. Unfortunately we still needed to eat dinner:

That means I went with my go to easy dinner: BLT sandwiches. I always have bread, lettuce and bacon in the house. We currently have tomatoes from the garden. Then I add fried eggs, because I want some moisture, but I don’t eat Mayo.

As I was frying the bacon, I began to wonder, how do you eat your bacon?

My sister in law and nephews like it super crispy. I give those pieces to the dogs. I prefer my bacon just starting to crisp on the edges, but with a little bit of give the middle.

Am I weird with this preference? How do you eat your bacon? Let me know in the comments.


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