Crockpot Butter Chicken and Layered Indian Bread

I may have over done it today. I’ve been craving Indian food, but living in the middle of no where, we have zero options for takeout. So I scoured the internet for options I could make with my healing arm.

I found a recipe for Butter Chicken that I could make in the crockpot. I recommend a little bit more chili powder and curry in the sauce. The recipe as written was too mild for my 5 year old, much less the rest of us. When serving I also added steamed broccoli to bump up the nutrition.

Next I made a quick batch of Layered Indian Flatbread . This recipe is tasty, and easy to make. I recommend adding a bit extra salt to the dough and frying in ghee.

This was exactly what I was craving. It was both filling and satisfying. Unfortunately by making it, I caused unforeseen swelling through my wrist. Tomorrow I may have to take it easy. Good thing I have leftovers.

Thanks for reading.


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