Halloween Spooky Globe

My anxiety has been off the charts lately. I bought Halloween cookie cutters so I could decorate sugar cookies and relax. Note to self: decorating cookies with over excited children is not relaxing.

Hannah and Aly spent an hour fighting over frosting colors and opening all the dyes and mixing them. It seems they were more interested in using the largest amount of frosting than they were in pretty design. Add in grandma’s running commentary and my anxiety levels have gone up rather than down.

And just when I was about to scream, Hannah informed me that she is going to make these cookies with her kids one day. That was like a rainbow 🌈 shining through my storm of emotions. No matter how crazy I feel, it’s not negatively effecting my kids yet.

I was even allowed to decorate a few cookies in non-rainbow colors. I used them to make a spooky cookie snow globe.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Halloween Spooky Globe

  1. Love the idea of a spooky cookie snow globe! 🎃 I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety, how what your daughter said was like a rainbow shining through is lovely and I hope there are more moments like that for you within times that are difficult 💗

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