7-Layer Dip

Hello Lovelies!!! It’s surgery week, which means I’m not allowed to take any vitamins or pain pills, so my posting is completely hit or miss. To be honest, getting anything done falls into that category.

That’s why dinner prep tonight was super easy and mostly done by Hannah. We made our version of 7-layer dip. You can do it too.

Start by spreading a can of retried beans across the bottom of a 9”x11” pan.

Layer number 2 is guacamole. You can make your own, or use a store bought version. Sabra is my go to brand.

Most people do a sour cream layer next, but not me. I mix half an envelope of Tex-mex seasoning into some mild queso and spread it over the guacamole.

Layer 4 is Thick and Chunky Salsa.

Layer 5 is 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese. This is followed by a layer of diced tomatoes. The final layer is sliced black olives.

Now all you have to do is refrigerate it until you are ready to eat. I serve mine with tortilla chips. It great as a side dish or just a snack .

Thanks for stopping by.


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