Whatcha Watching Wednesday: The Usual Suspects

Hey guys! I have a question for you. Has anyone else discovered that February has turned into Netflix and Chill month? Like it’s too cold to go outside, so you spend too much time snuggled together on the couch watching the television?

Rob and I have been slowly working our way through the Star Trek universe. We have watched the entire Enterprise series, the first season of Discovery, all three seasons of the Original Star Trek series and the 6 movies they made after. Last night we started The Next Generation, but today I needed a break.

So while Rob was getting his amputation site checked for infection, and Hannah was taking a nap, I decided to watch The Usual Suspects on Prime. It’s an older movie that I have somehow never seen before. The description is as follows:

A gruesome scene adorns a pier in San Pedro, south of Los Angeles. Twenty-seven dead bodies. A burned-out ship smoldering in the harbor. An FBI agent assesses the carnage and learns of two survivors; one in the hospital, the other a cripple from New York being held in the DAs office. He heads to the hospital to search for answers.

My opinion:

I sort of have mixed feelings about this movie. For starters, the language is awful. I am not sure which work was said more times in the first twenty minutes, (male chicken)sucker or the F*$% word. I get that it was said in the course of a crime, so it made sense during the police line up, but everywhere after that just felt like too much.

Then there are the characters. Stephen Balwin as McManus was my favorite character. He comes off as a bit crazy, but shows a good heart and loyalty to his friends. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kevin Pollack as Hockney was hard for me believe. I can’t help but think of him as the “nice guy” from Grumpy Old Men. Nice guys don’t turn into criminals. Finally there is Kevin Spacey. Even before all the allegations against him, he creeped me out. Playing a crippled con man, he was brilliant, but still kind of cringy. The rest of the cast didn’t stand out for me.

The plot had a definite story that they wanted you to believe. They just push it a little too hard, so by the time they throw in the twist, you had been expecting it for close to 30 minutes. Or maybe it’s just my brain that thinks that way. I was quickly annoyed with the “police work” surrounding Kevin Spacey’s arrest. Who brings in the DA for an immunity deal before all the evidence available is processed and all the witnesses are questioned? It just felt implausible.

At the end of the day, it was an okay way to spend 2 hours, but I don’t foresee myself watching it again.

IMDB score 7/10

If you have any movie recommendations, I would appreciate them. I have another few months of being unable to use my hands very often, and I get bored easily. Hopefully the weather holds out and I can get outside and walk a little bit soon.


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