Book Review: Black Diamond by Victoria Quinn

Hi Everyone!!! We have made it past the midweek slump and are rounding the corner towards the weekend. I hope you are all having a great week.

I find myself doing some soul searching as I write this. I stared at the screen for what felt like hours yesterday, and just felt stuck. It’s not that I didn’t want to write. It’s more like my brain was too exhausted to unscramble the words floating around in there. That’s what happens on days I go to work.

We hear it on the news, but may not fully grasp it. COVID has taken a toll on people who work in hospitals. All patients have to be tested before being admitted, even if they are symptom free. Family member visitation is limited, so nurses are trying to balance charting, patient care and family updates. As support staff, I am the first contact for these families. It is now my job to limit, and sometimes turn away visitors. It is now my job to enforce mask rules and limit calls so the nurses can do patient care rather than spend all day on the phone. Like everyone else, I am feeling burnt out. I am also reconsidering if this is the right job for me.

Even before the pandemic, I was feeling unfulfilled with my job. In the last four years, I have cried on the way to work or while driving home at least once a week. It’s not a bad job. I just don’t enjoy it anymore. I would much rather be home creating recipes, teaching home school and reviewing books. My girlfriend sent me information about becoming a book editor from home, and I am seriously considering it. We will see.

In the meantime, onto my latest book review. I jjust finished the second book of Victoria Quinn’s Obsidian series, Black Diamond

Black Diamond (Obsidian Book 2) by [Victoria Quinn]

The Amazond discription is as follows:

I know I’m never going to change.

I was born in the darkness, and that’s exactly where I’ll remain.

Rome is sweet, gentle, and vanilla.

But I’ll change all of that.

I’ll show her who I really am.

And slip that black diamond onto her finger.

If you follow my blog, you will remember that last week, I reviewed the first book in this series, Black Obsidian. I enjoyed the writing and fell in love with the main characters, Rome and Calloway. Therefore I was excited to move forward with the series.

My feedback from this book is kind of meh. I still like the characters, and the story line progressed in a logical way, but the steaminess of the sex scenes has dwindled to luke warm. I’m not sure if it’s because they appear so often I’ve become desensitived, or if it’s because the foreplay descriptions have dwindled and they are now more of a “Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma’am!” style.

I think that the sex moved to the back ground so that this book could focus on the evolution of Calloway. He is trying to balance being the good guy Rome thinks he is, and his darker BDSM desires. He takes Rome to meet his mother and talks about protecting his brother from their abusive power. Opening up about the things he’s emotional about is hard for him and not something he would normally do.

Normally he would be at his BDSM club, Ruin. Throughout the book, Calloway tries to find a way to tell Rome about his sexual desires without scaring her away. He keeps adding kinkier ideas to their sex life. They explore the fantasies of being tied up and butt play. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I was so irritated that he couldn’t just say, “I love your independence, but I like having control in the bedroom.” It’s not that hard. If you are comfortable enough to share your bed, your family and your life with someone, sharing your sexual preferences should not be a huge issue.

At the end of my last review, I made some predictions. I am happy to say, none of them came true. (I’m so happy this series did not become predictable.) I somehow misunderstood who Hank was. He is not a former foster parent of Rome and Christopher. He is her ex boyfriend and the DA of New York. He’s also an abusive jerk with obsessive stalker tendencies. I am really hoping he ends up in jail as someone’s bitch in a future book.

Word of warning: This is not a stand alone novel. Throughout the book, references are made to events from Black Obsidian. It ends on a cliff hanger, forcing you to draw your own conclusions or move onto the next novel.

Favorite Quotes

Chapter 1

I didn’t appreciate the bossiness when we were spending time together, but the moment things turned sexual between us, I couldn’t get enough of it. I liked not thinking. I liked not having to make decisions. I liked letting go, trusting someone else to guide me. 

Chapter 7

“The way you make me feel… Sometimes it scares me.”

“It scares me too.”

He kissed my temple again. “I guess we can be scared together.”

Chapter 12

Friendships required expectaions, and expectations always led to disappointments. And disappointments led to reevaluation of said friendships. 

Chapter 13

“You were my whole world when we were together. Why would I look at the moon, when I have all the fucking stars right in front of me?” 

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. I will let you know how the series progresses. (There are two more books.) If you are reading along with me, I would love to know your perspective.

Happy reading,


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