Daisies & Daughters, Parks & Flowers: Sister Pics

Hi Everybody! I missed sharing with you yesterday, but I was finishing up a project that I have been planning, prepping and working on for a couple weeks now. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. 

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I read The Bookish Boyfriends series? It was either in A Date with Darcy, or The Boy Next Story where they mention pictures of the sisters in matching outfits on the wall. That got me thinking about doing sister pictures of my girls as well. 

Unfortunately, they were totally against wearing matching outfits. So we settled on a theme, daisies. I found all of these on Amazon, and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. Kenzie loved the purple sleeveless tee. Hannah tolerated the little yellow outfit, but hated having her belly showing. And Aly looked so grown up in her tank top

We started our photo shoot in our side yard. Yes, we have an area that we don’t mow. We like to watch the deer and bunnies over there. It also provided a beautiful backdrop of wildflowers for my little 4-wheeler babes. 

Of course, not photo session is complete unless there is a stuffed animal in mix. Buff the puppy and Hannah made sure to look at the camera. My teenagers…. not so much. 

Next we walked down the road and took pictures on the golf cart path. I’m not sure if Hannah is posing, or if she has to pee, but was the best shot in this grouping. 

Our other golf course shot turned out a little bit better. Normally I try to capture my kids while they are just relaxed and playing, but then I never get them in the same picture. Or I end up with eyes closed, crazy faces and nose pickers. 

Hopefully you don’t mind posed shots. The kids really got into the spirit and started posing themselves and asking for photos. I love this one. Just ignore the messy couches. 

After what felt like forever, we finally made it to McCourtie Park. It is my favorite place to take family photos. Hannah wanted to pose with the flowers at the entrance, so all three girls shared a rock for this one. 

Then the torture began. My girls thought I was crazy making them lay with their heads partly off the bridge and their hair hanging towards the water. I had to stand in the stream to get this shot, but it was totally worth it. 

Next we spread out my shawl and stacked the girls. Kenzie was such a good sport. I now have this one framed on the wall in my dining room. It’s going to be sad when my kids stop letting me force them into poses one day. 

I’m pretty sure at this point Hannah was done taking pictures. Either that or she thought this was an audition for a KISS cover band. I’m actually pretty ok with it though. I love watching my girls be silly together. 

Our photo shoot ended on my favorite bridge. I am always amazed that this is concrete and not real wood. Hannah was still being silly, but she’s four. Then she helped me take this picture of her big sisters. I will probably use it as one of their senior pictures. Can’t believe my babies graduate this year. 

Well, what do you think? Did I overwhelm you with pictures of my girls? Do you have any favorite poses for family photos? I almost never pull out my Cannon SLR camera, so any input would be appreciated. 

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Daisies & Daughters, Parks & Flowers: Sister Pics

  1. All of the photos look fantastic and as though you captured a beautiful moment in time. Your girls look so stylish and love that pic where they’re on the bridge, looks so magical! ✨💕

    Liked by 1 person

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