Happiness List 27: Values and Beliefs

As I write this, COVID cases in Michigan are on the rise. I am mentally preparing for another shutdown and for my kids to not be able to attend school in the fall. The world is a scary place, and nothing seems to make sense. In my way of thinking, the only way to get back to normal is to get back to our core beliefs and values. 

That makes this week’s list from the 52 Lists for Happiness Journal all the more relevant.  This week I entered the 3rd section of the Journal, Invest. From skimming the lists, I think this will be lists to encourage us to invest in ourselves and the world around us. It starts with

List 27: Beliefs and Values 

  • Family first. They are our strongest bonds. They are our first support system. 
  • There is a higher power who promotes love and peace. I do not believe in a vengeful God. 
  • Marriage vows are sacred and meant to last forever, but the relationship will fall apart if both people are not willing to try. 
  • A person is acountable for their actions. It is okay to make mistakes. We just need to learn from them in order to grow. 
  • “Please” and “Thank you” are some of the most important words in the English language. 
  • Be yourself
  • Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school. It is a life long adventure. 

I’m sure that there are other things I value and believe, but these were things tht popped into my mind and that I felt in my core. So while the world is spinning in chaos, instead of stressing, I am going to be eternally grateful that I have a strong family and marriage. I am going to continue to pray for people to open their hearts to one another and for us to all do our part to heal the earth. I will strive to be the best mom, wife, daughter, friend and general human that I can be. I will appreciate the life I have and continue to be positive, optimistic, creative, random me. 

What are your core values and beliefs? How often do you reevaluate them and bring them to the forefront of your life? 

Wishing you the best. 


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